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Liquidised: From Ocean to Acrylic

From picking the camera settings all the way to finding it’s proud spot on a customer’s wall. A photo travels a long way before it reaches it’s final destination.
This is the story of one of my favourite shots: Liquidised – from Ocean to Acrylic

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The Birth Of A Prototype

Dust is blocking my nose and the smell of resin is creeping into my head. I’m watching a master at work: Corey Graham is deep inside his own world creating something new.

<< Ideas just sit with me for weeks, even months sometimes! I dream about them and if I don't bring them to life I won't stop dreaming about them. >>

I suddenly realise that I’m not only meeting a legend at work – but…

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'The Right' going off at WA - Australia

Western Australia On Fire

With a rather larger swell hitting WA last weekend the amount of big wave footage and imagery has been firing up the internet. Here a video I found earlier today with some quite monumental waves breaking at big wave spot ‘The Right’.

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Snowy McAlister 2015

I’m more of a big barrelling slab style wave type of guy… but, when a fine selection of the best loggers are gathered on your home beach to compete at the annual Snowy McAlister Winter Longboarding Competition you have to go check it out, and so I did.

Having never really shot this type of surfing it was a new challenge to me…

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Underwater Sunsets

The conditions were just right for an experiment I had in mind for weeks!
With an idea of combining slow shutter speeds, sunset, surf, underwater, silhouettes and some more experimental stuff I started to swim out just as the sun was setting. But I misjudged my timing and arrived at the point break a minute after the sun had set. Luckily…

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Deadmans & Winki Session

Today was a positive surprise!
Yesterday a crazy south wind whipped up some waves and in combination with a smaller ground swell and a surprising turn in the winds today was magic: Off-shore & glassy conditions with a solid 6-8ft swell from the south.

Not many places on the Northern Beaches of Sydney do well with a swell from the south, but if you look far enough you’ll find…

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