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The SurfLove Blog is the place where you can read about my adventures. A place to share my experiences, future plans and read all about the equipment I use.

Learning Surf Photography

It’s Tuesday the 12th of May – 8AM. I’m meeting up with Josh, an ambitious, 13 year old photographer from Yeppoon QLD who has flown in to do a 2 day surf photography workshop with me. The forecast is looking great for the week – with a building south swell and moderate off-shore winds, the perfect conditions to learn everything about…

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Dee Why Point Session

To finish off this weeks one-on-one workshop with 13 year old Josh we had a last, early session this morning at Dee Why point. And what a session it was! Josh spent the first 2 hours shooting before he had to leave to catch his flight then I took over and shot for another 2 hours. The tide dropped further and the conditions made for some heavy waves to surf (and swim in). All in all: Fun!

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When The Light Is Right

I have come to favour cloudy days with patches of blue sky – they make for more dramatic backdrops in my photos and tend to create a moody atmosphere opposed to a plain blue sky or even worse a totally grey and colourless one. But I was proven wrong the other day.
Yesterday morning was one of those days where I had none of the above…

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Deep Indonesia 2015 Photo Competition

I am very proud to announce that one of my personal favourite, abstract underwater images has received an honourable mention at the surf category of the Deep Indonesia 2015 Photo Competition.
With amazing judges like the ones below it really is an honour to be amongst the selected:

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