• Kangaroo Valley

    The Kangaroo River flows into Lake Yarrunga which is formed by Tallowa Dam. This means the river is a very slow flowing river and a great place to bring your/hire a canoe for a multi day trip. With the possibility to camp pretty much anywhere (for free!) and a lot of ‘side rivers’ you can paddle up to, there is a huge area to be explored.
  • The Calm – Brian Bielmann

    The Calm - a documentary about the work and life of Brian Bielmann
    Probably one of the most legendary surf photographers of our time. What an inspiration – Cunningham did a great little short video on him here. ” I got a chance to go to the North Shore and spend a couple days with surf photographer, Brian Bielmann. At age 18 he packed his bags and, with […]
  • Chris Burkard

    Today I am proud to announce that I will be part of Chris Burkard’s team in 2015. Starting in September 2015 – I will travel to California for at least 4 months to see, learn and be part of the backend of Chris’ business and what is involved in being a world famous and successful surf, adventure, […]
  • The Spirit Of Surfing

    Two argentian brothers set out to surf from California down to Buenos Aires.
    Joaquin and Julian Azulay, two Argentinian brothers are releasing their new movie: Gauchos Del Mar – “Our aim is also to show the communities and crafts that have been forgotten, and to interact and learn from the local cultures, which have been so generous to us. We also want to show the connection between humans […]
  • Mocean Blurs

    Motion Blurs 7
    Slow shutter speeds in surf & wave photography can be very challenging. Especially if you are working handheld, in the pouring rain, in a raging storm! The waves weren’t great in the recent weeks, so in order not to completely depress and start shooting things I really don’t care about, I decided to give slow shutter […]
  • Craig Anderson for HUF

    Craig Anderson getting barrelled in some tropic location
    No one surfs with quite as much style as mr Anderson does… this short video for HUF Footwear shows it again.
  • Wet vs Dry Port

    The guys over at Aquatech put together a great tutorial video on how to shoot your underwater housing ports for surf. It’s really worth a watch for every surf photographer out there. I use all the techniques mentioned in the video with my ZEN (dome) port and Olympus (flat) port and find that these work great. […]
  • Chasing Storms

    Summer Sunsets
    Nature has been putting on quite the show over Sydney in the past few days, with some very dramatic storm fronts pulling over the blue skies in the late afternoon creating apocalyptic style scenes. A great opportunity to make use of the Live Comp mode on my Olympus E-M1 and thought I’d write a little bit about […]
  • SurfLove 2015 Calendar

    The 2015 SurfLove Calendar
    I’m proud to announce that the 2015 SurfLove calendar has finally arrived! A selection of my favourite photographs from the past year combined into a clean and neat looking calendar for the coming year 2015. Find a few more previews in the link below – or just click the image. You can order it online here […]
  • Olympus PT-EP11 Review

    Introduction It’s been a bit over 2 weeks now since the long awaited Olympus underwater housing, the PT-EP11 for the E-M1 arrived at my doorstep. The housing is designed for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 (only) and wraps around the camera perfectly and allows full access to all controls of the camera. And boy, she is my new favourite toy! […]